Flicker 2008

This film offers a glimpse into the life of the artist Brion Gysin - and a fairly good illustration of his "Dream Machine" which is purported to allow a user to experience visual hallucinations by setting up a flashing pattern of light which affects the brains alpha-waves. It features some archival footage photos and audio as well as the narrators impressions of some of the people events and places described in the film (New York Paris Morocco)and video documentary footage of locations and interviews with various people who knew or admired (or in one case is rather dismissive) of Gysin. Your experience as a viewer will fall somewhere between entertainment and serious study of art history. ---- Featuring... Brion Gysin...Himself (archive footage) - Kenneth Anger- Marcus Boon - Udo Breger - Catherine Clement - Ira Cohen - Brett Despotovich - John Dunbar - Sophie Duplaix- Marianne Faithfull - John Geiger - John Giorno- Rhodri Hayward - Michael Innanen- Jean Jacques Lebel- Leila Hadley Luce - Richard Metzger - Bastiaan ter Meulen - Madame Odillard - Iggy Pop - Genesis P Orridge - Katherine Piro - Lee Ranaldo- Ira Silverberg - DJ Spooky- Psychic TV - Floria Sigismondi - The Stooges... Themselves.


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