Valerie and her week of wonders (1970)

A weird Czech movie that is both haunting and beautiful. The story concerns a girl's surreal journey into womanhood. Things aren't what they appear to be for Valerie. When she gets a magical pair of earrings, she discovers strange secrets. Her peaceful village is really a town of sex crazed vampires. Poor Valerie, of all of the times to get your period. To top it off, her grandmother is evil too. She's not even safe from the town priest.(surprise surprise) The film contains beautiful religious images, strange sexuality, incest, nudity and other crazy assorted weirdness. Sometimes it's hard to tell if the events are happening or if Valerie is dreaming. Director Jaromi Jires also used the story as symbolism for that political era in Czechoslovakia. One things for certain, they don't make fairy tales like this in the US. So if you enjoy films by Bergman, Fellini, Bunuel and Jodorowsky you'll enjoy "Valerie and her Week of Wonders".

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